Restaurant Pitch

<the following is an ‘intuition pump’ that is intended to induce thought about the time that goes into what we eat>


MENU: a nearly infinite list of extraordinary dishes, from simple salads to 400 year old quahogs grown in the north atlantic.

RESERVATIONS: made in accordance with the dish you order.

RESERVATION PROCESS: when you order a dish at KRONOS, we will set a reservation for a date in the future that is comparable to the time it takes to grow the constitutive ingredients from the ground up.


simple salad with salt: book 80 days in advance, as it takes 5-7 days to dry salt and 75-80 days to grow a full bodies head of romaine.

southern fried tofu with asparagus and mashed potatoes: book about 100 days in advance, as we must grow the soybeans, then process them into tofu, all the while growing the wheat needed to make the flour that coats the tofu, etc.

beef tenderloin: book about 1100 days in advance, as we encourage our cows to grow to full maturity before butchering.

kimchi bowl with soy sauce and rice: while rice is fast growing, book this meal for about 5000 days in advance to allow the kimchi and soy sauce to properly age.

wine: dependent on your style, we ask you to book anywhere from 3000 (for Pinot Noirs) to 6750 (for cabernets) days in advance. grape vines take at least three years to become viable, and to produce a proper vintage, the wine requires anywhere from five to fifteen years to age.

whiskey: for our finest whiskeys, book 10,000 days in advance.

quahog chowder: book 146,000 (or 400 years) in advance, to allow the clams to grow to full maturity and flavor in the north atlantic. great for connecting with great-great-great-great-grandchildren!


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